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Changes to the Resource Management Act will simplify consent

By Kay Keam - 1 Jun 2009

The Resource Management Act (Simplifying and Streamlining) Amendment Bill was introduced into Parliament in February 2009. The proposed changes may help bring your plans to fruition faster


The Environment Minister, Nick Smith, stated:

"Changes to the Resource Management Act will simplify and streamline processes without compromising environmental protection."

Key changes

  • Removing frivolous, vexatious and anti-competitive objections.
    The Resource Management Act (Simplifying and Streamlining) Amendment Bill ("the Bill") will discourage frivolous and vexatious appeals by::
  1. Again allowing the Environment Court to require security for costs
  2. Increasing the filing fee for an appeal from $55 to $500
  3. Allowing the applicant to seek compensation for loss caused by an appeal, if the Environment Court declares the appeal anti-competitive.
  • Streamlining processes for projects of national significance
  • Creating an Environmental Protection Authority
  • Improving plan development and plan change processes
    The Bill reduces the ability to make broad objections to proposed plans.  The Bill also removes the local authorities' requirement to summarise and allow comment on objections to a proposed plan.
  • Improving resource consent processes
  • Notification allows members of the public to oppose a resource consent application
    The Bill removes the presumption in favour of notification. The time limits for processing applications are also tightened.
  • Streamlining decision-making
  • Improving workability and compliance
  • Improving national instruments

As Parliament has not yet given final approval to the Bill, changes may be made to it before it becomes law.

If you would like help with resource management issues, please contact Elise Markwick.


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