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Financial Advisers in New Zealand and Australia Take Note

By Melissa Higham - 9 Jul 2012

The Trans-Tasman mutual recognition of financial advisers took effect from 6 July 2012.  If you're a financial adviser wishing to have flexibility to move back and forth between New Zealand and Australia this offers you a great advantage.

This allows Australian and New Zealand Financial Advisers to provide services in each other's countries on the basis of qualifications obtained in their home countries.

The FMA has granted an exemption for Australian qualified advisers allowing them to apply to be Authorised Financial Advisers in New Zealand based on their existing Australian qualifications. 

ASIC has amended its regulatory guidelines to give recognition to New Zealand Authorised Financial Advisers and Qualifying Financial Entity advisers to enable them to practice in Australia in certain areas.

It is important to note that the mutual recognition is in relation to educational qualifications only.  The advisers must still meet other restrictions and conditions such as compliance with New Zealand Code of Professional Conduct for AFA's.

If you would like further information on the Trans-Tasman mutual recognition of financial advisers please contact Melissa Higham.


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