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Buying or Selling Property? Beware of bargain basement conveyancing prices!

By Louise MacCallaugh - 24 Aug 2012

As consumers we all want to get the best deal, particularly when we're house hunting. Negotiations between buyer and seller can get intense and every last penny becomes critical. You'd rather pay a little extra for the house than spend it on conveyancing costs, right?

It's human nature to want to get a bargain. But beware of places that appear to offer very cheap conveyancing.  

When you're looking for a conveyancer and making your enquiries, make sure you ask: 

  1. What the all inclusive price is (including GST and all disbursements);
  2. What the price excludes. For example, things like reviewing your LIM or assisting you with your KiwiSaver withdrawal application can often be additional extras, as can trustee and company resolutions if you are buying the property in the name of a trust or company. Also, the price may not include any extra negotiations required if, for example, you discover an issue during your final inspection that you want the vendor to rectify prior to settlement. 
  3. Whether the estimate includes a full title review. Don't under-estimate what the title might show. For example, what you had been led to believe was a simple drainage easement, may in fact involve a large pipeline through the property that you can't build over (there go your plans for a man shed!)

Contact Martelli McKegg when you're looking to buy or sell property. We offer clear, easy to understand advice and an all inclusive fee.

For more information please contact:

Louise MacCallaugh

Melissa Clark


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