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Body Corporate Rules

By Kay Keam - 14 Sep 2012

The transitional period for body corporate rules expires on 1 October this year. If you are in a body corporate which existed as at 20 June 2011 then your existing rules will automatically be replaced with the minimalistic default rules under the Regulations unless you and your other owners pass new rules and give notice to LINZ (our land registry).

The default rules are inadequate and it is important to review your rules to ensure that your complex continues to operate in a manner beneficial to all owners. This is also an opportunity to cure any nagging problems by, for example, giving the body corporate manager the right to tow cars parked in the spaces of other owners or on the common property.

There are also additional obligations under the new Unit Titles Act that need to be complied with. These include appointing a chairperson and forming a long term maintenance plan.

We are happy to meet with you to review your rules and to assist you to comply with your obligations under the new Unit Titles Act.


Kay Keam


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