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Yoghurt Story telling tales - frosty response from Commerce Commission

By Matt O'Neale - 4 Dec 2015

Once upon a time there was a yoghurt retailer, Yoghurt Story New Zealand Limited.  This retailer touted its product's 'beneficial bacteria for better digestion and overall good health' and that 'with Yoghurt Story probiotic yoghurt your stomach will thank you'. BUT THEN ...

along came the Commerce Commission!  They had a minor quibble with this tale as Yoghurt Story's products may not in fact contain yoghurt. The Australia New Zealand Food Standard Code defines yoghurt as 'fermented milk where the fermentation has been carried out with lactic acid producing micro-organisms. Yoghurt must contain a minimum of 1 million colony forming units of bacteria per gram.' Yoghurt Story's products may not meet this criteria.

Now Yoghurt Story is facing charges in the District Court for making false or misleading misrepresentations in breach of the Fair Trading Act.

If you're concerned about telling tales, seek legal advice on your consumer law obligations.


Matt O'Neale

Melissa Higham


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