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Harmful digital communications - are you prepared?

By Michael Finucane - 11 Nov 2016

Do you run a website or app on which people can send messages or post information? Could the messages / information cause harm to another? The new civil complaints regime under the Harmful Digital Communications Act comes into force on 21 November 2016 and you need to be prepared.

You are no longer able to sit back and let those messages continue. You are responsible.

If you receive a complaint, you must act quickly to ensure you avoid both civil and criminal liability. If you want to rely on the 'safe harbour' provisions in the Act to avoid liability you have very short deadlines to meet. It is essential that you have a policy in place ready to meet the Act's strict timeframes and procedures for dealing with a complaint and to ensure that your staff are aware of and comply with the Act. With only 48 hours to respond to a complainant, there is little room to work out these procedures on the day.

If you would like assistance in understanding your obligations, or putting in place the policies to ensure you can avoid liability you should contact our commercial team to discuss.


Melissa Higham

Michael Finucane


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