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Retirement villages not exempt from leaky building crisis

By Hess Chung - 3 Feb 2017

Those living in (or considering) a retirement village may have been disturbed by a recent NZ Herald article on the subject. It highlighted a series of leaky buildings that have been discovered in otherwise well-regarded retirement villages across the country.

The practices that contributed to New Zealand's leaky building crisis (inappropriate design, faulty materials and inadequate council oversight to name a few) are not limited to buildings older than ten years and continue to be found in all kinds of housing developments.

In this case, village management were able to relocate all the affected elderly residents while they dealt with the issue. Undoubtedly this disruption caused distress and inconvenience for those removed from their homes with little notice.

As with all real estate transactions, it's important to understand your legal rights and obligations.

Knowing what should happen before there is a problem will give you and your family peace of mind.

Your retirement village contract should include an occupation agreement that can give you options if your unit is either damaged or destroyed. Also working in your favour is the Retirement Villages Act 2003, which states that occupation agreements must contain provisions in relation to the resident or the operator's termination rights.

If you would like assistance with understanding and clarifying your rights in relation to a retirement village occupation agreement, please contact Hess Chung.


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