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The importance of good legal advice when charged with a criminal offence

By Fiona McGeorge - 11 Oct 2018

If you find yourself charged with a criminal offence, whether it's minor or serious, don't under estimate the importance of getting good legal advice. It might be the difference between whether you are convicted of the charge or not.

Recently we've had several clients who initially intended to simply plead guilty to the charge without realising the consequences a conviction may have for their jobs, their residency or future travel plans.

After providing them with legal advice and discussing all the options available we successfully applied for a discharge without conviction on the clients' behalf. This meant the clients did not receive a criminal conviction and were free to continue unencumbered with their lives.

The other benefit of good legal advice, even for a minor criminal charge, is having someone who can explain the often unfamiliar and daunting Court process to you. A good lawyer will help you understand each step of the process and what is required of you. This can make what might otherwise be a very stressful situation, more straight forward for you and a little less scary.

If you or someone you know needs criminal law advice contact our criminal lawyer Fiona McGeorge on or 09 300 7368. Fiona is an ex police prosecutor so has experience from both sides and can explain the process and what your options are and help you achieve the best outcome possible.


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