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How can the law help protect me against domestic violence?

By Surendra Bennett - 22 Aug 2018

There are several specific ways in which the law can help you protect yourself and your family from domestic violence. Domestic violence includes physical, sexual, psychological and/or financial abuse by anyone you are in a "domestic relationship" with. Domestic relationships include spouses or partners, family members, may include flatmates/someone you're sharing a household with or anyone you're in a close personal relationship with.

One of the most effective tools we can use is a Protection Order. This can give long-lasting protection for you and others covered under the order. If you have children, they will be automatically included under the Protection Order.

A Protection Order prohibits the perpetrator from being violent towards you and prevents them having any contact with you if you do not consent. If they do not comply with the order, they risk being arrested and facing possible criminal charges. Protection Orders have standard conditions in them forbidding the perpetrator from being threatening or violent towards you. However, the order can also include special conditions to deal with particular issues for example forcing them to remain a certain distance away from you if you work together.

If you are a victim of ongoing domestic violence we can make an urgent order on your behalf (if you meet the Court's criteria for urgency). In these circumstances, a Protection Order can often be obtained within 24 hours.

Contact Surendra Bennett one of our Family Law specialists to discuss if you meet the criteria for a Protection Order.


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