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Changes to the Disputes Tribunal - threshold increased to $30,000

By Pierce Bedogni - 1 Nov 2019

The Disputes Tribunal has just increased the financial threshold for submitting a claim to $30,000. Until 29 October 2019, a party could only file a claim up to a maximum of $15,000 (or $20,000 with both parties' agreement). At this low sum it meant that parties who wanted to pursue claims slightly over $15,000 faced the prospect of either writing off a portion of the debt to pursue their claim in the Tribunal, or abandoning it all together.

What will also be of interest is that the increased threshold has not meant an increased filing fee. It still remains $180 to file a claim in the Tribunal for a sum up to $30,000.

This change has just come into effect. So if you're owed a relatively small amount and have been caught wondering whether to pursue your claim, this may be the change you've been waiting for.

Although lawyers cannot appear on your behalf in Tribunal hearings, the Martelli McKegg litigation team can help you with preparing your submissions, evidence and strategy for your Disputes Tribunal appearance.

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