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Angus Rogers retires

By Melissa Higham - 22 Dec 2021

Angus Rogers retires as a lawyer on 24 December this year after working in legal offices for over 50 years. So much has changed in that time.

He studied for law at a time when, from 2nd year study onwards students worked part time, and he was admitted to the bar in February 1972. After working in what were then considered larger firms for a few years he joined a smaller firm as a partner until that firm dissolved in 1990. He set up practice as a sole practitioner in September 1990. A wide range of clients instructed him. He was joined by another partner in 2007 and increasingly from then on his work involved estate planning for a number of his clients who had been successful in business. He dissolved that partnership in 2014 to join as a partner the private client team at Martelli McKegg. He has enjoyed his 7½ years at Martellis latterly as a consultant, working in a bigger team with a number of bright young lawyers at the start of their careers. He retires confident that his clients are in good hands for the future.

He started law when there were no couriers, law clerks delivered documents to other offices. Property searches were obtained personally by clerks who copied details out of the folios at the Land Transfer Office and took tracings of the plan drawings on titles. Photocopiers were rare, wordprocessing did not exist, fax had yet to be discovered and mobile phones were a thing of science fiction. When he went out on his own in 1990 he got one of the early mobile phones, a "brick" which made a big difference to him being able to keep in touch with clients. Also at that time laptops were just coming into their own and digital printers had just started so there were new opportunities to operate from a small office using the rapidly changing technology.

That change is not slowing and, at 73, he has decided there are too few summers left for him to actively enjoy on Centaurus, his bridge decker launch, and to spend more time with young grandchildren who live in New York.


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