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Do you have offshore assets?

By Rebecca Collins - 20 Mar 2012

We all know that in order to be sure that your wishes are followed after your death, it is essential that you make a Will during your lifetime.  But did you know that if you have assets situated offshore, then you may need to prepare more than one Will to deal with each jurisdiction where these assets are situated?

This would ensure that your estate would be dealt with as quickly as possible following your death.  If you die leaving one Will, but assets situated offshore, then this Will may need to be proven in each country where your assets are situated.  This can be a difficult and expensive process as there are considerable differences between many legal systems in terms of what is required for a valid Will. 

Our team doesn't just have knowledge of the system in New Zealand. We can also help you if your assets include offshore property.  Contact Rebecca Collins or Catherine Atchison if this applies to you.


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