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How to avoid (and respond to) complaints about your advertising

By Craig Nelson - 15 Aug 2014

You've spent a fortune on a new advertising campaign. Hundreds of hours of research and planning have gone into it. The launch of the campaign receives great applause and praise. And then someone complains to the Advertising Standards Authority saying "I object to this ad as it depicts women as whimsical and irrational". 

While you and the majority of your customers may not agree with the complainant, it pays to take complaints seriously.

If the Advertising Standards Complaints Board upholds the complaint, you will have to either change your ad to comply with the Advertising Codes of Practice, or withdraw it. Just the thought of having to do so makes you feel sick.

Craig Nelson, a principal in our commercial team, has significant experience in dealing with Advertising Standards Authority complaints for advertisers and offers tips on how to respond to and avoid advertising complaints



Craig Nelson


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