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Your options when it comes to enforcing Child Support payments

By Terri Gough - 15 Aug 2021

You thought it was sorted. You had visited Inland Revenue's website and completed a 'formula assessment'. Money was being paid for the children and now - suddenly - those payments have stopped.

You've tried following up and sorting it out amicably, but the liable parent is ignoring you. What can you do?

Despite what you may think, the liable parent's obligation to pay child support is to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue. This means the Commissioner is generally the one who will be able to obtain outstanding payments on your behalf.

There are a wide range of powers available to the Commissioner to enforce payment , including:

  • Arranging automatic payments to be taken from the (non) paying parent's salary/wages;
  • Arranging for the (non) paying parent to appear before a Court, for examination, to establish that party's means and reason(s) for non-payment;
  • To amend the formula assessment (as is appropriate); and/or
  • Make orders for enforcement of the outstanding payments and arrears.

Asking the Commissioner to take action to enforce payment against a liable parent sounds straight-forward - however - this should be done in writing and should include evidence to support your request. The Inland Revenue will not assist with collection unless this step is taken. We can help with this to ensure Child Support payments resume quickly, without fuss and in a cost efficient manner.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in relation to Child Support obligations or enforcement.


Terri Gough


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